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Explore your Data with an AI Copilot

Take the hassle out of writing SQL queries with a generative AI that learns your org’s tribal knowledge

Full Control over Data Governance

Allow only specified tables and columns to maintain security and privacy

Seamlessly connect to your warehouse

Securely connect in minutes to all popular databases and warehouses, with industry leading security practices

Solve your data needs with natural language

Tantl is like a helpful colleague working alongside you to help answer data queries. The more it’s used, the better it gets at understanding your data.

There’s a better way to handle data requests

Allow anyone to easily ask a data question. Answer it twice as fast with AI.

Data Conversations Made Easy right in Slack

Say goodbye to the traditional method of filing support tickets and sending random email requests

Collaborate in Conversation

Everyone in your org can inquire about data in the environment they're most familiar with: Slack

Streamline Data Queries

Create a streamlined queue of queries for your data specialists to address

Turn Queries Into Alerts

Easily setup automated notifications to stay on top of changes in your data

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