Democratize your data warehouse

Stop wrangling SQL queries, waiting weeks for answers, and figuring out access control. Unlock your data warehouse with natural language and move your business forward

Copilot for your data

Tantl's AI Assistant unlocks your data warehouse using natural language. Focus on higher priority work and let our assistant do the mechanical sql writing and visualization

Connect your
data warehouse

Securely connect your data warehouse in minutes with industry leading security practices. Your data never leaves your VPC.
Get answers where you work
Ask questions directly in Slack and get answers in minutes, no more waiting weeks to hear back. Enable your team to make real time data driven decisions.

Business Alerting

Enable your entire organization to monitor essential metrics directly from your data warehouse. Ensuring accountability and traceability by directing alerts to the right person at the right time.

Ready to get started?

From global engineering and IT departments to solo data analysts, Tantl has solutions for every team.